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Please visit this page regularly to stay up to date about our work. This page is a work in progress. This page is only accessible to the DWC, Inc. Team. 



We did it!!  Thank you for your work at the Fourth Annual Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival.  Despite the challenges we faced with the venue, we maintained our dignity and honored this opportunity with exceptional independent films.  Please review the information below to learn about upcoming projects and past events. 

PUSHOUT Workshops in Schools


DWC, Inc. will showcase the film PUSHOUT at Detroit School of the Arts, Alkebu-Lan Village, and The Barack Obama Academy of Math and Science.  Each show will include a discussion focused on the resilience of Black girls and self-facilitated Love Stations featuring healing exercises. 



DWC, Inc. will host the Detroit Women of Color International Film Series during the month of March. March is the National Women’s History Month. We will show the series every Friday or Saturday. We are featuring the films from the Fourth Annual Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival.  This is an opportunity to promote our programs and sell DWC merchandise.

FILMS ON THE GO!  Development


In the '70s Detroit had the bookmobile, the fun mobile, and a swim mobile that brought fun directly to the community. Our vision is to environmentally refit a school bus to bring the film festival experience directly to Detroit neighborhoods.


Change is Reel Film Lab Training in Columbus, Ohio with filmmaker and educator, Celia P. Peters. 


We will begin recruiting for our Change is Reel program this month. Intro labs will start after Thanksgiving. We will host a few sessions giving an introductory overview of our three-year program. 

Applications are available in November!



We will showcase award-winning independent films by our about Black and Brown girls and women in a monthly or weekly film series. We are bringing back film festival favorites.  The series will also feature panels, film labs, and filmmaker interviews

Let Good Films Keep You Warm This Winter!


I attended trainings in civic engagement and first-level film labs in the month of October. 

Praxis Project and Film Lab


"An expressive art as therapy event facilitated by Zeina C. Washington-Faye of INbyZE".  This fundraiser will go toward the support of our upcoming gala

This fundraiser is led by DWC, Inc. board members Nepthys Seevers, Zeina C. Washington-Faye, and Yvette Wyatt.  Tickets are $45.00 ($48.24 w/service fee)  Please support and share this link

4OUR Women Painting with Passion and Pow

Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival is the proud recipients of the 2019 Michigan Humanities Council Grant.  

Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival


Our film festival will be held from September 27-29, 2019 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.  We are currently working on film submissions, workshops, and phase I of marketing.

Films On The Go!

Metro Detroit Pop Up


DWC, Inc. is partnering with organizations and local businesses to show unique independent films in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park.  We are also using this as an opportunity to market our programs.

Girls Rule The World:
A DWC Film Fest Experience


Black and Brown girls from Metro Detroit will receive a special invitation and transportation to the DWC4 film festival.  They will attend opening night, watch films, and participate in exclusive girl-focused workshops on the second day.  

May 9, 2019 – May 11, 2019

Atlanta, Georgia


DWC, Inc. is invited to attend the In Solidarity, a national convening of young leaders, advocates, social service professionals, community-based organizations, and policymakers. This gathering includes a variety of opportunities to engage, learn, and connect:

  • Intensive deep-dive learning sessions featuring presentations by leaders and experts on critical and urgent topics

  • Interactive “innovation in motion” sessions sharing creative models and ideas for programming, community organizing, communication, and policy reform from folks’ on-the-ground work in communities

In Solidarity will focus on–

  • HEALING –Understanding the root causes of trauma and discovering new pathways to well being.

  • OPPORTUNITY –Exploring diverse and innovative ways to support health, economic security and civic engagement for girls.

  • JUSTICE – Catalyzing and strengthening the justice reform for girls' movement.

NoVo Foundation

In Solidarity We Rise:
Healing, Opportunity & Justice for Girls

DWC4 Film Screenings


Due to illness the film screenings for the 4th Annual Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival was postponed.  

I will send out an invitation to board members and select DWC supporters to attend film screenings at the end of May.  Films include the awards winning documentary, Liyana.  We have a film focused on Black Rosie the Riveters and more.  

We are putting out a call for entries this month.  



DWC, Inc. Embraces the African American Multi-Generational Trauma & Implementing Models of Change


Dr. Joy DeGruy's course focuses on the suffering and traumas associated with the African experience in America inclusive of the periods of capture, transport, enslavement, emancipation leading up to current times.  Multigenerational patterns of adaptive behaviors passed along through generations will be explored with an emphasis on assessment and interventions using evidence based, culture specific, and social justice models.  

A relationship-based approach will be presented as one method of intervention with a particular focus on culturally based strategies that include areas of spirituality, music, art and literature.


We are invited to attend the annual Roots & Remedies gathering in Seattle, WA! Starting Friday, July 12th and ending Sunday the 14th, 2019.

More information is coming soon.

Roots & Remedies brings together social justice activists and progressive networks to learn about best practices and explore opportunities for shared work to make our communities healthier and safer.

The Praxis Project and their allies formed a process to bring together organizers and activists using innovative strategies to connect and amplify their work on space and housing issues, access to good food, fair policing, quality education, youth empowerment and more.

The Detroit Women of Color, Inc. is a proud recipient of the RESIST One-Year General Support Grant!!! We are committed to using film as a powerful tool for Black and Brown Girls and Women in Metro Detroit to tell their own stories, challenge oppression, and to become leaders in our community. In addition to funding support, Resist, Inc. highlighted our organization to their national and international platform.

Resist, Inc.!!!


This section will focus on our community partnerships.  Partnerships appeal to funders and strengthen our standing in the community. 

We will keep you informed about our fundraising activities including, but not limited to grants, fundraisers, donor campaigns, wish lists, etc. 

This space will share upcoming trainings and opportunities for the board. 

We will keep you up to date regarding the 4th Annual Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival.


Planning for the Anishabee Conference

DWC, Inc. has partnered with the Native Justice Coalition including We The People, the Wisdom Institute and other groups. There are opportunities for us to build and strengthen partnerships.  Our Change is Reel program will partner with the NJ coalition.

DWC, Inc Wins the Resist Grant

DWC, Inc. won the RESIST grant this year.  The grant was initially for $4,800 but was reduced to $2,400 to make the funding more accessible.  They spotlighted our organization last Wednesday.  Now 

Joy DeGruy Workshop

Secured Venue and Save The Date

DWC, Inc. board and team has the opportunity to participate in the Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.  More information coming soon.


Screenings for Potential Films

We will have screenings of previously acquired films for the Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival. Screenings will be held at our home office on March 29th, April 23rd, and April 29th.