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First Detroit Women of Color
International Film Festival

April 13-14, 2007

The critically acclaimed Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival
began showcasing high quality film screenings in 2007 at the
beautiful Johanson Charles Art Gallery to a packed house.


easy, like child's play

easy, like child's play

Njia Kai/director, Arthur Jafa/dp&cam, Shamlord Kaza/editor

Detroit/USA/2004/6 min


Why go for the drama? Love can be "easy, like child's play".  A Detroit indie production featuring Detroit actresses Keisha Paige Drammeh & Shyena Angela Watson. 

Njia Kai/director, Arthur Jafa/dp&cam, Shamlord Kaza/editor
Detroit/USA/2007/45 min
In a blind search for self-determination, a young woman in her 40s loses her way in freeway construction detours -- and finds herself at "Mama Lee's House". Indie production featuring Detroit actresses Mrs. Legoria Vernon, Cheryl Pouncy, Olafemi Vernon; with Crystal Harris, Walter McReynolds, Mrs. Lula Brunson, Taqee Vernon, and Zubair Vernon.
Detroit native and mother of four, Njia Kai, premieres her first efforts as writer/producer/director. A student of celebrated filmmaker Haile Gerima (Howard Univ.), a cinematographer for the African American film classic, "Daughters of the Dust", and an instructor/patron to Detroit's cultural arts community, Njia seeks to use the digital form to express the power of love, family, culture and Spirit.